Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Degree Program is offered on campus and and off campus.  Regardless of the location, this program of study is demanding and rigorous.  Why?  We want effective teachers in our local schools because young children deserve a quality education.  In preparing you for this important role, your course of study begins with general education courses (44 semester hours) that provide the foundational content knowledge necessary to teach all content areas of the elementary curricula.  There are three professional education courses that are required before any teaching candidate is accepted into the Reich College of Education.  Potential candidates must earn a "C" or better in these courses and complete an admission request form.  Once you are formally accepted into the program, you will spend the remainder of your undergraduate days fulfilling the major requirement (49 semester hours), secondary area of concentration (9 semester hours), electives (2 semester hours), and professional education courses (17 semester hours).  Refer to the program of study for additional information.

The professional and major requirement courses are the heart of our program.  You will work with young children in a tutoring role to begin and work your way toward a full-semester of classroom teaching.  You will enroll in methods courses taught by faculty with expertise in curriculum and pedagogy; these courses are often associated with a practicum experience at a local elementary school.  Your senior year includes approximately five weeks of full-time field experience (referred to as Block II) followed by an entire semester of student teaching.  Your field experiences provide ample opportunities to work with effective elementary classroom teachers across multiple school settings.  And as an elementary generalist, your placements will cover a range of ages, from kindergarten to Grade 6.

Candidates who complete the requirements in our elementary education program are ready to teach and are strong competitors in the job market.  If you are passionate about the teaching and learning process and are ready to grow as a professional educator, join us!

For additional information, contact the Undergraduate Elementary Education Program Director, Dr. Leslie Bradbury (

Elementary Education Graduate Certificate (Online - Licensure)

The Elementary Education Graduate Certificate, offered online,  is uniquely designed for you to obtain your A-level license in Elementary Education by studying with specialists who will prepare you for today’s diverse, technology-enhanced classrooms. This program enables students to explain the theoretical and philosophical bases for educational practices as they relate these to the elementary school curriculum. Students are taught to understand the nature of the elementary school-age learner in relation to the learning and evaluation process and to make critical decisions by synthesizing information relative to the development of appropriate living/learning environments. Further they utilize research techniques in the design and implementation of curricula and activities in classroom settings and identify major movements, issues and trends impacting diverse students, technology and elementary education.

Students engage in coursework and experiences designed to prepare them with content knowledge beyond the undergraduate degree and pedagogical practices to support student learning in the 21st century. This 17-month program can be used for the Residency Licensure Program if you have been offered employment by an LEA (Local Education Agency) in North Carolina.